The Trials

The Trials are a collective name given to Pliny’s anti-Christian trials that take place across the province of Bithynia. Pliny adheres to the following guidelines:

Those who are brought in on trial are asked if they are a Christian. If they reply, “yes,” I ask a second and third time. Those persisting I command to be led (to their execution).

If they deny that they are Christians I have your (Trajan’s) image and the image of the gods brought forth as well as the image of Christ upon the crucifix. I command that they burn incense and venerate your image and the image of the gods and that they curse Christ. No true Christians will adhere to my demands.

Those who are Christians but have denounced or denounce Christianity I allow to go free. Those who are Roman citizens and thus have the right to be tried in Rome I command to be sent to the city.

The Trials

Crucifix Anodai